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Wildflowers is a seasonal, creative magazine for girls ages 8-12 (although we think girls of all ages will enjoy it). From project tutorials to coloring pages to well-crafted stories to missionary biographies, Wildflowers inspires girls to live life creatively. Each season brings a new issue with a bonus Christmas issue.

Give them truth. Give them beauty. Give them goodness.

Give them Wildflowers.



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Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes! We offer two types of subscriptions.

Traditional Subscription: Pay for for an entire year of magazines upfront

Modern Subscription: Pay for one magazine now and be charged as new ones come out

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Do you offer international shipping?

We are working on it! Check back in soon. We'll keep you posted. Our goal is to offer the ability to offer beauty to as many people across the globe as we can.


Anna Abbott


Anna lives with her charming husband, their adorable sons and their cuddly puppy. They live on a mountain, in the woods, next to a river. Anna has always loved telling stories and now is enjoying writing stories. When she isn't writing she is probably being rescued from dragons by her toddler or trying to coach her baby in crawling. She also loves being outside and eating dessert (which go hand in hand).

You can find Anna on instagram as @mrsannieabbott

(Photo by Lindsey Aquila @teamaquila)

Ashley Campbell

photo lesson

As a lifelong adventure seeker, you can often find Ashley outside searching for a new place to explore with her husband Chris and their 5 kids. She picks up her camera everyday to find the extraordinary in the ordinary moments of life and insists on baking chocolate chip cookies for the all the kids that wander in her door, which is a lot of cookies! Ashley is the blogger behind Under the Sycamore and is the owner and founder of SnapShop Online Photography School where she relishes in the opportunity to teach adults and kids photography.

You can find Ashley on instagram as @underthesycamore

Her blog: Under the Sycamore

SnapShop Online Photography School

Sarah Fremont

nature contributor

Sarah delights in the simple pleasures of living homegrown with her family on a six-acre homestead in the Hill Country of Texas. Inspired by the native landscape and a cozy home, she enjoys homeschooling her four children, tending to goats and chickens, and growing gardens of food and wildflowers.

You can find Sarah on instagram as @campfremont

Heather Glasby


Heather is a mama of three wild children with adventurous spirits. Her family lives tucked away in the forest with space to roam in the Pacific Northwest. She and her husband have been professional wedding and family photographers for over 10 years and just have a deep love for creating sweet images together and getting to see the inner depths of the people we photograph. We’re homeschoolers, followers of Christ, homesteaders, home birthers, thrift shoppers and gardeners who spend most of our day working on home projects and building awesome things for our family! 

You can find Heather on instagram as @heatherglasby

Veneza Grillo


Veneza lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two children. She enjoys adventuring about the city with family and friends. She finds inspiration in seeing Gods hand at work in the world.

Jennifer Harris


Jen is a Canadian, living in America, with a little, big family. With her husband and four children, she lives in the Pacific Northwest where they have served in many churches and are currently preparing to church plant. She is also a birth doula and loves to walk alongside families in one of the most delicate seasons of life, welcoming the joy and gift of children. She loves tea, coffee, quilts and good books, traveling and staying at home, nurturing friendships with people of all cultures, songwriting, piano playing, singing old and new hymns, and studying God’s Word. But most of all, she loves her Savior, Jesus.

You can find more of her writing at her blog,

Ashley Haug


Ashley is originally from Nashville, TN, but has lived in Austin since 2008. She and her husband, Kendal, have two little girls, Ruby and Frances, 3 and 1, who love nothing more than wearing matching dresses at the moment. Ashley has always had a deep love for art. Whether it was writing and illustrating her own stories as a young child, creating elaborate projects for school, picking out every piece of every outfit with thought and excitement, listening constantly to music and going to live shows, singing in choir, or enjoying decorating all the spaces she’s lived in, art has deeply influenced most aspects of her life. Ashley started staying home when Ruby was born, and it was then that she started dabbling around with calligraphy and hand lettering. What started off as a little greeting card hobby has now become her small business House Sparrow Press. She does mostly wedding related invitations and custom signage, as well as custom watercolor and hand lettered paintings.

You can find Ashley on instagram as @housesparrowpress

Her Etsy shop: House Sparrow Press

Carolyn Leiloglou


Carolyn lives in a House Full of Bookworms, which also happens to be the name of her blog where she reviews her favorite children’s books. When she’s not homeschooling her own four kids, she writes stories and poems for other people’s kids. She’s been published in children's magazines around the world, and her debut chapter book, The Garage Sale Pet, will be available fall 2018 from Clear Fork Press.

You can find Carolyn on instagram as @housefullofbookworms

Denna Miller

art lessons

Denna first remembers drawing something that looked like the thing she was drawing in fourth grade, and she has been creating art ever since. Her art takes many forms —from canvas paintings to murals to pottery to fused glass to silver jewelry. While her children were young she taught private art lessons in her home and summer art camps in her garage. In 2011 she opened her studio, Create Art!, in Longview, TX where you can find her still teaching children or stop by to create your own piece of art.

You can find Denna on instagram as @createart_texas

Kendra O'Blenis


Kendra is a midwestern girl at heart but loves the sunshine of her Texas home. When she’s not reading to or teaching her own children, she can often be found teaching Sunday school or tutoring children in her community. Her heart sings when the redbuds bloom, the snowflakes fall, and the leaves crunch beneath her feet. She loves tall trees, art museums, studying God’s word, and is a firm believer that you don’t have to choose a favorite between English and Math.

You can find Kendra on instagram as @kendraoblenis

(photo credit @krampeslandoftherisingsun)

Emily Oskins


Emily Oskins lives with her husband and children in Texas. Their favorite way to spend time together is reading books aloud with a big pot of tea.

Diane Reeves

project contributor

Diane is the mother of four beautiful children. You can find her at the local coffee shop, art museum, or rearranging her home. She’s married to a hilarious and outgoing church-planter and entrepreneur. She recently embarked on the great adventure of homeschooling her children. She lives in Colorado Springs, CO, where she loves painting, crafting, and being in nature with her family.

You can find Diane on instagram as @dianereeves

Théa Rosenburg


Théa Rosenburg and her husband have four daughters, which makes her family very like the Marches from Little Women (but without the fancy dresses or the Civil War). She loves reading aloud in a bad British accent, pinching snapdragons so it looks like they’re talking, and reuniting long-separated socks. She writes about her favorite children’s books at Little Book, Big Story.

(photo credit @feliciamarie@us)

Jenny Williams


Jenny Williams grew up reading way past her bedtime and doodling on all her math homework. After college she spent a few years working on Capitol Hill, followed by an unimaginative corporate job, before she finally embraced the fact that she is a creative at heart. She is now the illustrator and creator of Carrot Top Paper Shop, an online community and shop inspired by classic heroines of literature (and can’t believe gushing about Anne Shirley and creating literary art is her actual job). Jenny and her husband, Eric, both work from their home in Oklahoma City, and have a three-year-old daughter named Violet. As a family they love to play music, read a lot of books, and make going to the grocery store an adventure.

You can find Jenny on instagram as @carrottoppapershop

Her shop: Carrot Top Paper Shop

Naomi Williamson


Naomi enjoys experimenting with fun art supplies, holding to the philosophy that you can never have too many sketching pencils, watercolors, or cool Japanese brush pens. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family and cats, loves rainy days, laughing with friends, and sneaking chocolate (and other sugary things) when no one is looking.